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An amateur naturalist with an interest in a broad range of wildlife in Australia. Originally trained as a chemist at Manchester Uni, followed by business studies, and now studying entomology as a retirement project (so far via the excellent 101 course at University of Alberta and more recently with another excellent course at Nebraska-Lincoln Uni). I enjoy participating in iNaturalist as a way of learning this subject.

I also enjoy photography. Most of my photos are hand-held shots in the field. I also like to take microscope photos and high magnification macro studio shots using a motorised macro-rail set up.

And may I take this opportunity to thank all the knowledgeable people on iNaturalist who have been helping me on my learning journey. Your tolerance of my errors along the way is appreciated!

I am happy for my photos to be used elsewhere. I will provide hi-res versions on request and just ask that you credit me as the photographer where appropriate. It is nice to know where they get used too.

Phil W

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