Torsten Watkins

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Hello, my name is Torsten Watkins. I am a 9th grader located in Central Washington and am obsessed with Herpetology. I have studied reptiles and amphibians for about 4 years now and have found many species in Washington (30 species) and a few in Wisconsin. I have also identified the first Northern Desert Nightsnake in Wenatchee, written a couple of articles for the Wenatchee naturalist website, and have created a field guide to the herpetofauna of Chelan county, among other things. I love to go herping and hiking and go quite often. I am very interested in the Larch Mountain Salamander (Plethodon Larselli) and the many other rarer, more secretive, or threatened herp species in Washington, but I can never choose a favorite. I'm always getting into a new subject, so please correct me if a make a mistake!
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