Julie Wittmann

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I'm a Naturalist Ed Specialist with the Center for Environmental Inquiry at Sonoma State University in northern California, USA. I am a certified California Naturalist and credentialed science teacher. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis and my Master’s degree from Sonoma State University with a focus on herpetology and citizen science. I support teachers and naturalist educators with iNaturalist curriculum on my website, http://www.protecthabitat.com. My publication “Using iNaturalist in a Coverboard Protocol to Measure Data Quality: Suggestions for Project Design” was published in Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4(1), p.21. DOI: http://doi.org/10.5334/cstp.131

Julie (AKA "protecthabitat")
Email: protecthabitat@gmail.com

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