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I am fascinated by all the living thing in nature since my very young age. Since 2012, I started taking picture of all the Arthropods I could possibly find. In 2019, I decided to stop be as serious with my style of research by taking a more caring way to take pictures of Arthropods and a more caring way to take care of my health. I love to help other people with their identifications but I have the most knowledge about the wildlife where I live (North of France) and in similar places like (Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and others regions of France). I have accumulated a lot of pictures of more than 3 000 different species during the years with my 100mm Canon macro lens and I know a lot of great website to find useful informations for precise ID and also when I'm not so sure about a particular species. I am now trying to take picture with my phone and a macro-lens which give me surprising results and a fresh and caring way to approach entomology once again. I am also an artist since 2018 creating imaginary wildlife with its own classification on a far away and mysterious planet in a kinda scientific and fun way. :)
I always care for the happiness of all living things and wish them to live there best life. Yes, even mostiko and ticks !

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