Richard Baxter

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Jack of all trades master of none. I am interested in any form of being that is battling the entropy of the universe. Preference for birds, plants, anything with a metallic or iridescent sheen, becoming more and more interested in arthropods.

I am working as an ecologist with the Grand River Conservation Authority in Southern Ontario where I grew up, have worked in the environmental/ecological field for ~15 years (consulting, conservation authorities, Parks Canada). Went to Fleming and UNBC for Fish and Wildlife.

Feel free to use my pictures for any reasonable learning related purpose. It would be nice to be asked/informed of, and credited for their use.

I am glad to help out with any ID's I can . I have been working at learning order hymenoptera the last few years now, especially interested in family Ichneumonidae and some other families (note: I mainly focus on North American species, and especially species close to the area where I live, but I may be able to help with some higher level classification for observations in other parts of the world). I am not a trained expert by any means (have taken some college and university undergrad entomology related courses), I'm just an interested amateur learning what I can from the internet and any literature/books I can find. The bulk of what I have learned has come from Bugguide and the various posts and fellow users in the iNaturalist community (thanks to everyone who has helped!), as well as any other sources on the internet I can scrape up. Still lots of learning and mistakes to make, so feel free to disagree or correct my IDs as needed. Hoping someday to volunteer with an actual insect collection (U of Guelph, ROM?) if possible and needed, to get some more up close hands on experience if time permits. Someday maybe I will venture into collecting insects but for now it is just photography.

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