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Apart from coarse IDs on unknowns I also ID in the Coccinellidae family covering about 70 species in there. I usually don't give reasons for IDs, but I'm absolutely happy to share what little knowledge I have when asked, so don't be shy. (I've learned a good part of what I know in exactly that manner.) Because I ID a lot, I turn up in lots of top IDer list. Don't be misguided by that, I'm not an expert. I'm happy to help when being called to an observation, but if it's outside those 70 or so species (and especially if it's outside Coccinellidae) I won't be able to contribute much.

I'm an observer too of course. Sometimes I just make quick photos using my phone when I come across something, sometimes I explicitly go on iNatting hikes with my newish macro lens.

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