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2020 VASCULAR PLANTS requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
2020 MOSSES requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
2020 LIVERWORTS requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
all MAMMAL sightings (mostly tracks and signs)

iNaturalist IMAGE Use: (if that doesn't work, contact me.) Also check out:

🍁 HELP with some lichen confirmations or IDs, if possible
Ontario LICHENS requiring ID
Michigan LICHENS requiring ID

My plant observations in the Algoma District in 2020


Some resources that I use frequently
🌱Michigan Flora Online (includes ferns and their allies) - keys
🌱"Field Manual of Michigan Flora - 2012"
🌱"Sedges and Rushes of Minnesota - 2018"
🌱"Sedges of Maine - 2013"
🌱GO BOTANY online (NE USA flora) -
🌱 great images of key ID features of graminoids, etc. and descrips of similar species
🌱line drawings - "Illustrated Companion to Gleason and Cronquist's Manual"
🌱"Macroscopic identification key of 36 Sphagnum species in eastern Canada" open access

Other resources that may be helpful:
🌱woody plants and sedges -
🌱RANGE MAPS (based on herbarium records)

USA - state and county breakdown OR Google search "Bonap" and "Genus for species of interest"... you'll get maps for each species within the genus (e.g., Sparganium

CANADA - provincial / territory only which isn't very helpful ( but you can search for mapped herbarium records to give you a better idea of a species distribution (

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