Rob Routledge

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🍁 strong appreciation and passion for education and the natural world

"requiring confirmation or ID", if possible:
VASCULAR PLANTS (excluding graminoids)
Grasses (Poaceae)
Sedges (Cyperaceae)
Rushes (Juncaceae)
2020+ MOSSES (Phylum Bryophyta)
2020+ LIVERWORTS (Phylum Marchantiophyta)
MAMMAL sightings (mostly tracks and signs)
Michigan LICHENS

Research Grade:
VASCULAR PLANTS (not including grasses, rushes and sedges)
SEDGES (Family Cyperaceae)
GRASSES (Family Poaceae)
RUSHES (Family Juncaceae)
MOSSES (Phylum Bryophyta)
LIVERWORTS (Phylum Marchantiophyta)
LICHENS (Class Lecanoromycetes)
BIRDS "sounds" (Class Aves)
BIRDS "images" (Class Aves)
MAMMAL sightings (mostly tracks and signs)
BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS (Order Lepidoptera)

🍁 Professor, Natural Environment & Outdoor Studies, Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
🍁 I’ve been teaching within Sault College’s School of Natural Environment since 2009 and currently teach in 2020/21: Ecosystem Classification, Wetland Conservation, Resource Sampling, Terrestrial Ecosystem Surveys, Data Analysis, Wildlife Management, and Mining & the Environment. Prior to teaching, I most recently worked on projects focussed on American marten population ecology and survey techniques and post-fire residuals in relation to Ontario’s policy directions for emulating natural forest disturbance. I maintain a strong interest in field botany (e.g., site inventories, rare plant surveys, wildlife habitat assessment) and wildlife-related activities (e.g., wildlife damage management, wildlife tracking, resource use surveys, various citizen science surveys).

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