Ryan Andrews

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I am birder from San Diego, California with an interest in all things nature. In late 2015, I discovered iNaturalist which helped me further my interests outside of birds. I have travelled extensively throughout the United States and Costa Rica. I am most knowledgeable about birds in the Americas (North, Central, and South) but have a general knowledge worldwide. I plan to pursue my passion for birds and nature both academically and professionally. I have volunteered at the San Diego Natural History Museum in the department of birds and mammals for several years. In Costa Rica I conducted point counts for a long-term bird monitoring project at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. In the summer of 2021, I was a part of MOFEP in the Missouri Ozarks performing point counts and nest searching/monitoring. I am currently attending the University of Kansas to get my Bachelor's of Science in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. On iNaturalist, I upload anything and everything and identify mostly birds.

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