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My name is Sue Muller and I was raised in upstate New York. I had a passion for birds from a very young age, receiving my first pair of binoculars and the “Golden Guide to Birds” at the age of seven. I was troubled as a youngster that I couldn’t see a Bald Eagle or Eastern Bluebird (NY state bird). This yearning steered my career path into Wildlife Management, I wanted to save the planet. I received a BS in Wildlife Management from West Virginia University. My career has been spent working in Natural Resources in the Maryland piedmont, retiring on Earth Day of 2021 after a 40-year career. My accomplishments include serving as a County Coordinator for MARA (Maryland Amphibian Reptile Atlas), PARS (Pennsylvania Amphibian Reptile Survey) and currently the Maryland/DC Breeding Bird Atlas3. I am also a contributing editor for the Maryland Biodiversity Project.

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