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For 11 years I spent roughly 900 hours snorkeling the many bays and peninsulas around the island of St. John, USVI. I took over 90,000 photographs of over 400 species of marine wildlife and documented them all on my web site

The documentary made about me was packaged with two other people's stories Titles "Three Ocean Advocates" and won an EMMY AWARD.
Barbara Crites: Snorkeling St. John, USVI
Total run time: 9:16 minutes
Ten years ago Barbara Crites left Wisconsin and moved to St John in the US Virgin islands. She outfitted herself with the latest snorkel gear and an underwater camera. For the next decade she documented underwater marine life and collected over 90,000+ photos. By making these photos available on the Internet, Barbara has created an open resource about the marine life around St. John. Her photo collection is testimony to the changing nature of life in our oceans due to acidification and warming temperatures.

Producers: Cynthia Abbott & Andrea Leland
Director & Camera: Andrea Leland
Underwater Footage: Barbara Crites
Additional Underwater Footage: Glenn Harman
Editor: Maya Pisciotto
Color: Fabián Aguirre
Music: “We Like It So” – Doug “Whistler” Van Nostrand
Graphics: Michelle Abbott

This project is jointly supported by a grant from the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C., a federal agency.

Characteristics can change drastically when dead, under stress or out of their natural environment. Since I do not want to encourage hooking, trapping, handling, or molestation of wildlife for the sole purpose of posting on Inaturalist, I will not make identifications on any marine wildlife that is dead or has been subject to mishandling.

Barb Crites

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