Sönke Bonde

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I am an offroad motorbike tourguide. Most of my life I spend outdoors and have the luck to see a lot of different wildlife. I love nature and want to know what's around me. I joined Inaturalist to identify the plants and animals specially in the area around Marmaris/Turkey where I live. As hobby beekeeper I have a special interest in bees and plants that are a source of nectar and pollen. So for me this is also a documentation of flowering plants and the change of nature around the year. Walking my dog in the forest every morning, a lot of insects catch my eye, so next to the bees I am very interested in all kinds of insects and spiders. I started with an Iphone XR for the pictures, but soon changed to an Olympus Tough TG-6 wich makes great Macro pictures and can be used underwater as well.
Last but not least Inaturalist helps me to stay occupied in times of Covid 19.

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