Mark Mayfield

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I grew up as an ornithological understudy to my father which sparked my interest in diversity in general. He also always pointed out plants and trees wherever we were. I took up plants professionally but still have a strong interest in birdwatching and nature-watching in general. I study the genera Euphorbia, and Phlox, among a few others, professionally, but also have interest in the biogeography and systematics of the flora of the world, with emphasis on the eastern half of the US. North American trees are also a special interest of mine, particularly the southeastern genera. I have described species new to science in Euphorbia, Dirca, Scrophularia, Emorya and Phlox. I continue focused taxonomic efforts within the genera Phlox and Euphorbia, and I'm working on documentation of the flora of the western Highland Rim in Tennessee, where I lived for my first 18 years.

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