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I'm a volunteer naturalist focusing on insects since about 2008. For the past several years my concentration has been on wasp observations, although I'm no longer on iNaturalist every day for hours on end helping sort Hymenoptera. As of 2023 I'm on only sporadically, and will be unable to check all notifications on my dashboard. I apologize for missing mentions and updates. Message me if needed, as I might not see @ mentions.
I enjoy all the wonderful observations and photos submitted on iNat, and I wish I had the time and energy and words to exclaim and compliment every one, but I can only write Wow - Great photo! so many times.. Same goes for my infrequent explanation of identification, partly because I'm surely the slowest typist on the internet..
Hint for wasp family identification: Look at shape first, proportions, abdomen, eyes and antennal length. Judge by markings and color absolutely last, as always.

Profile photo is Crabronid wasp Trypoxylon getting cleaned up after overindulging in hummingbird feeder.

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