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Plant lover perpetually looking down at the ground to find all the weird little forbs and orchids and mosses and fungi that are too often missed and yet are so fascinating.

Currently exploring the Southeastern US in car and tent (based out of northern Virginia), but the arid Western US and West Coast will always have my heart.

Most knowledgeable about orchids but also love many other plant families such as some shown in my favorite taxa below. Within US orchids, I am most drawn to the small fly-pollinated Neottia and Malaxis. Increasingly studying and paying attention to bryophytes and lichens.

*** PSA for whom it may concern- it is okay to go into nature and not take hundreds of photos and upload every single living thing to inaturalist. Observing, exploring, and appreciating nature is not a contest or goal :) ***

You can also find me stacking photos of tiny creatures on Flickr as Swillig Photo (Simon Willig)-https://www.flickr.com/photos/186031494@N08/

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