Nicholas Earnhart

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I am a highschooler from coastal Orange County who enjoys learning about, loving and (attempting to) understand nature. I am by all means a birder with primary interest in Marine Biology, some primatology and Ornithology. My main area of “expertise” (if you could call it that) is SoCal Shorebirds and Pelagics. I am the host/writer/editor of Western Field Ornithologists "The Word Is Bird podcast". When not iNatting I am a california state lifeguard, swimmer, bodysurfer, musician and culinary student. Whenever I mess up (which is all the time) or for some stupid reason you want my help, tag or message me in any post and I'll help however I can.
Have fun out there,

P.S. Please don’t do stupid things that force me to be a teenage nature karen. Trust me, it's not pretty.

Doctrina Potestas Omnium Habemus
(learning is a power we all have)
[probably translated incorrectly]

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