Jazz (aka turtlehelper)

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Hello fellow naturalists!

My passion is protecting freshwater turtle species native to Ontario, Canada. I regularly gather population data, monitor high traffic roads, help move/transport injured turtles on roads, observe/track/protect nesting areas, and support local volunteer projects as often as possible.

I appreciate iNaturalist because there is great value in data collection, especially when a particular species needs protection and support. Tracking population, behaviour, and health status through accurate observances shows trends, and this evidence can lead to different environmental or species-specific initiatives.

To get a good spread of data you need volunteers, so it's important to connect with the like-minded but also reach out to inexperienced people who could develop an interest. In my experience, people care when they have a personal connection or realize why something is important. Often people are not excited about data collection itself but have a sense of curiosity and respect for the natural world, and by extension, want to help in some way.

In addition to learning about native turtle species and their surroundings, I also use iNaturalist to learn about other life forms everywhere in the world and how they relate. I keep learning from so many experts, especially after going into the wilderness and finding something I've never seen before. I always feel good connecting with others over common goals, hearing stories/sharing my own experience, or just feeling more knowledgeable than yesterday.

iNat interviewed me! Check it out :)

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