Will Pearce

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Currently an undergraduate student of Environmental Sciences at the University of Utah. Located in the Salt Lake Valley. Interested in photography, taxonomy, and cultivation of native plants, with a focus on the Grossulariaceae, the flora of northern Utah, plants with edible fruit, plants of high alpine and arctic tundra areas, and any cryptic plants with tiny flowers.

I am reasonably experienced at identifying North American Ribes (currants and gooseberries) and many vascular plants of northern Utah, so if you want help with identifying one or want me to explain my reasoning behind an ID, please feel free to @ me and I will try my best to help out.

My current camera setup is a Nikon Z5 with the Nikkor 50mm macro lens. I also use a 365 nm CONVOY C8 flashlight for my fluorescent UV photographs. All of my images are free for noncommercial use as long as credit is given, but I would prefer that you notify me before using them. If you want to look through all of my best macro photos, they can be found here. Please note that any measurements expressed with scale bars in these photos should be considered approximate. You can also find some of my photography on my Instagram page.

Finally, you can find a list of all of my observations which have a respective herbarium specimen here, or by checking which of my observations have the tag "Herbarium".

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