Louie Fermor

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I'm a professional artist and writer who is exploring themes of botanicals, biodiversity, and nature as a psychological backdrop and plot device. I live and work in Moh'kins'tsis (Calgary) on Treaty 7 land.

I have BFA honours from Alberta University of the Arts '16. I have attended residencies with New York University, Concordia, Trico Changemakers Program (programmed through Mount Royal University), the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, and John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, and Momus magazine, to name a few. I have exhibited and published art and writing in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, St. John's, and New York. I often collaborate with grassroots queer
and disability community groups through out Calgary.

Since around 2021 I have started researching botanical rendering in oil paint and drawing. I am also currently writing a book that uses floriography and biodiversity as a plot device, and explores how biodiversity can tells the stories of neurodiversity.

I started using iNaturalist in order to record the numerous photos I take through out my neighborhoods and while I travel. It warms my heart to share what is otherwise personal research kept on my computer. I am sincerely loyal to the idea of the Guest ("What is a Guest? What is a Settler?" https://journals.library.ualberta.ca/cpi/index.php/cpi/article/download/29452/21463/77797) and am using my practices in botanical art, writing, and cataloging as a way to say thank you to Turtle Island.

artist website (under construction): www.louiefermor.com
instagram (updated): @louiefermor

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