Tommy Farquhar

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I am a retired 5th grade teacher and have always been interested in outdoor activities, but have no training at all in biology above the 5th grade level. I became interested in photographing wildlife about ten years ago, soon after we built our home in the White Lake Hills neighborhood in east Fort Worth. We have a large, quiet back yard with a lot of trees. At the back of the yard is a sometimes dry creek that runs to the nearby Trinity River. There is not much between us and the river except undeveloped park land, so there is a lot of wild space nearby for wildlife. We soon learned that we would have regular visits from turkeys, bobcats, all kinds of birds, and all the regular small mammals. We have a natural ravine running down one side of the back yard where we put in a running stream water feature about 100 feet long. There are oak and pecan trees and we have planted things that the butterflies and hummingbirds like. We feed the birds and squirrels, so there is space, food, and water for the creatures. I have made almost 4,000 iNaturalist observations, and many have been from our yard or close by in the neighborhood. I purchased a better camera and am slowly teaching myself how to use it. I have sometimes posted photos for the neighbors on our neighborhood web site, but I was excited to discover iNaturalist. I am really learning a lot more about the natural world around us through this site due to all the help in identifying the animals and plants I am unsure of.

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