Willow Lovecky (she/her)

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Hi! My name is Willow Lovecky, I am a Taos Pueblo and euroamerica entomologist. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a B.S. in entomology and certificate in American Indian Studies in May of 2022 and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Virginia Environmental Science Department in the Roulston Lab. I am interested in the ecology and preferences of parasitoid wasps of solitary bees.

I am very interested in pollination ecology, parasite ecology, and insect taxonomy, specifically of beetles, flies, wasps, and bees. Passionate about the intersections between entomology, ecology, social justice, and outreach. All of my work and research is done with environmental justice lens in hopes to further and cultivate human relationships with the natural world and protect our more-than-human relatives.

Twitter: loveckywillow

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