Mothing Night at Parr Park mission briefing

Tonight is hopefully going to be a great one. Tonight is Moth Night at Parr Park in Grapevine. Back in June I had the pleasure of going there for a data collection day out with @sambiology @wildcarrot @lovebirder @brentano @kimberlietx and several others. Tonight I am heading back out to get some more night fliers and things. Being near a creek system I wounder what might be out there. I have checked a few of the species I have an interest in and they have been spotted in the surrounding area. Parr Park is slightly new and they are wanting us to get a list of all the wildlife at the park. I for one love getting stuff for parks and wild areas. Citizen science has always been in my blood. I love to document all I can at many parks. Some people don't really like the park setting which I understand but me I find all areas important and love to explore places that get overlooked or that don't get much press. I for one love the park environment to get data and raise awareness for local wildlife. I can't wait to head out there tonight I am going to head out there a tad early so that way I can go search for a Sanddragon If I can find one. @briangooding found one in the creek bed the first time I was there and I missed it. I am hopping I can get it on the rebound and a few more dragonflies before it gets totally dark and before the event starts. I am hoping to get a few more new species to my list of 1,024 before this month is up. I have a feeling that I am going to find a lot of cool things to marvel at and add to my data collection. I am always interested in what I find. Whether if they are old observations or new all data is important. Sometimes I do forget this but in the long run everything is important to document whether it is flora or fauna. I am bringing my flashlight just in case I spot something else besides night insects I might want to photograph. Mothing is one of my favorite night time activities since my first Night Hike at Elmer W. Oliver and the mothing event at Mockingbird Park I have been totally in to the night realm of the moths. It isn't just the moths that interest me but all the tiny insects that are attracted to lights at night are all very interesting to document and observe. Sometimes the only way to see something is only by the cover of darkness. All you need is a good bright light and a sheet or just a porch light and begin to observe and document all you can. I use my porch light more than anything but it looks like I will be getting a more powerful fixture. I am going to get a high wattage work light, a good bit of white material, clamps, and a PVC tube frame and make my own mothing set up once we get more money. That is what my family is getting me for my birthday so that way I can do mothing at my house more often and on a more scheduled basis. Aside from that thought I am hoping that the mothing is good tonight and hope to find some good stuff. I hope to make a few new friends too. My aunt is taking me tonight and I hope she will join me when we get there. She is kind of the shy type and on top of that doesn't like insects much but I am working with her and the rest of my family with the whole insect thing. Our thing is we still don't know how I totally got into insects when the rest of my family doesn't particularly like them. I mean they like ladybird beetles, praying mantises, butterflies, dragonflies but anything creepier than that and they get squeamish but me I live for the weird things in the natural world. The weirder the better I say and that is coming from a guy who love science fiction monsters. I love sci-fi and the creepier the animal the more it reminds me of my favorite genera of film and TV and book. Hope tonight is a good one and hope that it is not too hot but just hot enough to attract the moths. We shall see how this goes and it looks like I will be staying the whole night we are out there so that way I don't miss anything. The last couple of times I have done a Moth night I have missed something really cool. I need to make sure I have batteries and make sure that I have my tape with me as well as my flashlight in hand so that way I can get better photos. Here is hope for a great Moth Night at Parr Park. See you on the trail and I will see you tomorrow to give you the outcome of the event. This is Zachary Chapman signing off.

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Save some good moths for me! I'll be out there for a little bit.

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