Another journey is awaiting

The advantage of living in San Diego is that, as soon as the first rains come in October or November, vegetation is revived and Spring starts much earlier than other parts of the US. Unfortunately, by the beginning of August most plants of the Chaparral have bloomed and fruited and not much other than oaks will manifest visible changes such as producing acorns.
Luckily, in a few weeks, I will be visiting the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala. I hope to be able to see and record numerous plants, butterflies and birds. The difficulty might be to have other people reconfirm my observations. :-)

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Looking forward to your observations from that part of the world Hope you have a wonderful time.

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Thank you Lynn. I am pretty excited and the timing is perfect since native plants have pretty much done all they could here in the chaparral.
And, I haven't been out of country since Costa Rica in 2004.

Publicado por microm hace casi 11 años

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