New Camera and Return to the Texas Coast Part One (mission brief)

Well I knew it was not going to be too long before I had to get a new camera. I have a Nikon Coolpix L830 that I received from my mom back in 2015. I spent a lot of time using that to get my observations. We went all over the place me and that camera. We went to the Texas Coast Twice, the Texas Hill Country, we have been all up and down the Texas portion of the Cross Timbers. We went out to the Blackland Prairie a couple of times and other places. We were in the cold, wind, rain, and sun. After a while some of the buttons and things started to stick. It was dropped a couple of times and the battery flap had to be held together with tape. I was looking at a few deals and this years Black Friday deal I came across was for a Canon Rebel T6. It is a bundle that comes with two zoom lenses and some other cool things. I am pleased to announce that I will be getting this new camera before my next Texas Coast trip. I will be retiring my old camera for the most part. I may use it a little if I forget my new one. I will use it as a backup if I need one. I am so excited; I will be picking it up next week. This week I have not been out and about getting observations. Instead I have been at home putting together new IKEA furniture and helping with some Volunteer opportunities at Oliver Nature Park. I have been doing a lot of stuff but in-between all of the Thanksgiving stuff and everything I am planning for the coast trip. I have several new places I want to try and visit this year. I am hoping to get a ton more birds than I have in years past. We will be heading down there in mid December like we did a couple of years back. I am looking forward to going back to Port Aransas to see more endangered Whooping Cranes. I am going to a few old hot spots but this year I also want to try out a few new areas to widen my range. My new camera will take some getting used to now that I am graduating to a new type that requires zoom lens technology. I have been wanting one like that all my life ever since I was a kid just starting down my naturalist path. I will have to use the time I have before the trip to learn how to use it; as well as to know how it handles. I know for fact that it will be very cool to see how many photos we will make. I know that this camera was able to take a over 5000 observations give or take from phone usage. I am ready to take the next step in my photography and will be bringing you even more cool images of the things that I love the most (Insects and Birds and other things). I am looking forward to going back to the coast to get some other things besides birds. Being warmer down there I hope to see a few insects on the trails maybe even an Alligator or two. I would love to see another large gator like the one I saw back in 2015. That sucker was massive and was about a twelve or fourteen footer it was hard to tell; but it was cool. I am looking forward to getting some new lifers before the year is up. Next year I have a lot of stuff to look forward to. The City Nature Challenge 2019, the Texas iNaturalist state gathering that @sambiology told me about at the last Texas Master Naturalist meeting, the Mini Bio Blitz at Oliver Nature Park, and other gatherings, and the many solo adventures I will have with me and my family. I am looking forward to going back to Caddo Lake sometime but that won't be until the Spring or Summer.
Anyway back to the coastal trek; I am super excited to go to a few of the other birding hot spots and not just the ones we went to during the 2015 trek. My brother is also wanting to visit a cool museum that has some extinct animal exhibits so it should prove to be a very educational trip. I know for fact that I better get some earbuds and get an iPod charger so I can listen to my tunes going down there while I am looking for things on the sides of the roads. I will also have to find some cool car games to play. I think that this will be a great trip. I am hoping to get a few new patches to finish off my nature vest. I would love to get a few elsewhere but I am quickly running out of room but I think there will be some room for little patches. I just know that this will be a good opportunity to forget about our woes and our troubles. As you may recall we had a recent loss in our family which we still have not had time to get over and we probably won't get over but it would be a great time to get away and not think about it for a while. It maybe really hard since we will not have her to joke around with. She would come up with some of the most interesting conversations. I will miss her and it won't be the same with out my mom (Grandmother) but we will carry on knowing she is up there watching us. Well it is getting late until my next post this is Zachary Chapman signing out.

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