Excerpted from:
Fern and Orchids of the Mariana Islands
Lynn Raulerson and Agnes F. Rinehart
Published by Raulerson and Rinehart
© 1992

Spathoglottis carolinensis Schlechter

Spathoglottis carolinensis was found among grasses and ferns in a sunny field on Rota. petals and sepals are pale lavender and bracts glabrous. Most have a heart shaped lip that ranges from pale to bright reddish-lavender with bright reddish side lobes. Flowers are larger than those of S. plicata and more erect. The seed capsules of S. plicata are generally more abundant than those of this species. The shape of the lip, posture of the plant and the paucity of seed capsules all serve to differentiate this species from S. plicata to such a degree that it can easily be identified from a moving vehicle. S. carolinensis has also been found in Palau.

Spathoglottis micronesiaca Schlechter

Spathoglottis micronesiaca is similar to S. plicata. It is characterized by a white flowers with a heart-shaped lip, and narrower, shorter leaves. Hairy bracts are also present but the hairs do not become evident until the plant is dried and viewed under a microscope. The authors have not found Spathoglottis micronesiaca occurring naturally on Guam, but have been told that ornamental plants in yards have been cultivated from wild plants. The species is more common in Palau and Yap.

Spathoglottis plicata Blume

This almost ever-blooming herb can be seen in sun and shade along roadsides and on the savannas; it is not at all unusual as an epiphyte; and is variable in size and color. The pleated, oblong-lanceolate leaves are 60 cm (or more) long. The inflorescences may reach to 150 cm in length. Flowers were 2-3 cm wide, rose-lavender in color but ranging to pale lavender and even white. The bracts are glabrous with a pinkish tone. The individual flowers are not long-lived, but they are produced in profusion and open successively over a long blooming season, giving the appearance of an almost ever-blooming plant. Seed capsules are large and contain thousands of dust-sized seeds that appear to germinate easily and reach maturity rapidly. Spathoglottis plicata ranges from the Ryuku Islands south to Australia, and from the Malay peninsula east to the Caroline islands. In the Mariana islands it is found on Guam, Rota, and Saipan. It has become naturalized in Hawaii and recently in southern Florida.

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