Two species of Townsendia occur on the High Plains: T. texensis and T. exscapa.

Plants annual/biennial, not caespitose; internodes usually visible through leaves by second flower head anthesis; leaf hairs usually appressed but not strictly so; ray flowers purple at anthesis.............T. texensis (BONAP; FNA)
Plants strong perennial, caespitose; internodes not visible through the leaves at any stage; leaf hairs strictuly appressed; ray flowers white at anthesis..................T. exscapa (BONAP; FNA)

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@ellen5 @amzapp @crseaquist Just threw this together. Hope it helps!

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Purple <--> white. So simple!

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Yep. I thought about leading with that but figured I should through some other characters in to keep you on your toes and allow some idea during times when the plant is not in ideal condition or aberrant (many species can produce paler flower colored forms).

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