China and species identification

In the past week, I've taken to scanning through the "Identify" option on this website and narrowing down the focus to China, generally. For example, I've reviewed all the Sonchus species and see one plant that fits into no know species I recognize in a few observations. It could be Sonchus but may be in the wrong genus.

My goal is two fold: (1) learn more about the plants and animals of China and (2) help with some basic IDs when possible, especially for new users of this website. For example, I just now identified a snake as a snake. That's much better than "unknown" when you want someone to identify it for you. Now, the snake experts can find it more easily. I'm holding off on most dragonfly IDs and hoping I can begin to learn some species in China.

This process also gives me a chance to improve my use of Chinese by communicating with biologists in China which was one of several goals when I started learning Chinese. 我的中文不非常好。If you don't see Chinese characters on your computer, you can install the language. Then, you can use google translation software to read it!

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