Gyponini of the southwestern U.S. and Texas

Gyponini is the largest tribe in the leafhopper subfamily Iassinae; endemic to the new world excluding a single species introduced to Europe. These striking hoppers are most diverse in the tropics with hundreds—possibly thousands—of undescribed species. While the nearctic diversity of Gyponini pales in comparison to that of the tropics, the tribe is still quite diverse and sparsely studied from nearctic Mexico to Canada. Likely most well-studied in the eastern United States and Canada—where diversity is perhaps lowest throughout the tribe's total range—new species are still being described.

I have begun my first project on iNat—Gyponini of the southwestern U.S. and Texas—in an attempt to compile and hopefully increase observational incentive for these interesting creatures. Since the group is in dire need of revision and there are a number of undescribed species in the U.S., it is my hope that this project will be one of many factors aiding in an eventual study of this tribe. I strongly encourage you to seek out these remarkable and mysterious species.

you can find the project here:

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