2/22/22 - that's a lot of two's!

Answering a couple questions.

I had a question about the rate of discovery of Ohio Odonata. This is a chart of the number of state records per year (blue bars/left scale) and the cumulative species total (green line/right scale). 1896 must of been an exciting time to find Dragons and Damsels, largely the work of RC Osburn and JS Hine. The majority of Ohio species were in place by 1900. The bump in the 1930's and 40's was DJ Borror and HF Price.

A second question was about a current chart on observations and species recorded. This chart shows the 5 year average data over the course of the flight season.

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Would it be practical to graph the cumulative number of county records? That could provide a year over year view into the comprehensiveness of the ongoing surveying efforts.

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