7/7 - 2022 County-Complete

Completing Species/County datasets

The Ohio Odonata Society maintains data for Ohio species by county and date. In 2018, we recorded Blue Dasher observations in every Ohio county, this was a first. Blue Dasher was our only 'county-complete' species in 2018. It was a fun thing. We promoted the idea in 2019, and had 7 species: Blue Dasher again, Common Whitetail, Eastern Amberwing, Eastern Forktail, Eastern Pondhawk, Fragile Forktail, and Widow Skimmer. It should not be a surprise that these are some of our most common species. With CoVid and everything in 2020, we did not have anything county-complete. 2021 had a recovery with 5 species recorded in all 88 counties.

And now we're starting the countdown for 2022. Species, followed by current county number, then needed counties. I'll add to the list as other species get closer (Widow Skimmer would be next, but only at 68 now, then another drop to Dancers).

Blue Dasher (86); Carroll, Wyandot
Fragile Forktail (84); Adams, Fulton, Morgan, Putnam
Common Whitetail (80); Allen, Fulton, Gallia, Morgan, Ottawa, Paulding, Putnam, Vinton
Eastern Forktail (78); Adams, Athens, Carroll, Columbiana, Gallia, Hocking, Lawrence, Scioto, Wayne, Wyandot
Eastern Pondhawk (78); Allen, Carroll, Fulton, Gallia, Holmes, Knox, Paulding, Seneca, Union, Wyandot

Happy Ode'ing

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