August Update - 8/9

July was another good month for Ohio Dragonfly Survey.


For July 2022, we are around 7,800 Research Grade observations from 457 Observers covering 99 species in 81 counties. This number will still climb a bit as people clear up their backlog.

For all of 2022 we have over 24,000 RG observations from 840+ Observers in all 88 counties. Pretty good pace, in line with recent years.

We have a total of 131 species so far in 2022. 13 counties reporting 50 or more species.

Previous year: # Species recorded
2017: 127
2018: 135
2019: 139
2020: 141
2021: 140

So we're ahead of 2017, on par with 2018. we'll need some luck to match 2019-2021.

We have 102 new county records for 2022. This is comparable to last year.

Previous year: # County Records
2017: 174
2018: 326
2019: 319
2020: 114
2021: 111

Blue Dasher (1,841) is easily the most reported, although Eastern Pondhawk reports are closing quickly.

Ebony Jewelwing (273) and Common Whitetail (261) have the most users reporting.

Franklin (1,917) and Stark (1,750) are the clear leaders on number of observations/county.

Franklin (97) and Summit (90) counties have the most iNat contributors.

Montgomery has the most species at 74. Lucas follows with 71.

County Complete

We're getting close on several species to having them reported in all 88 Ohio counties in 2022.

Species: Needed Counties
Blue Dasher: Wyandot
Fragile Forktail: Adams
Common Whitetail: Gallia, Morgan, Paulding
Widow Skimmer: Paulding, Union, Van Wert
Eastern Pondhawk: Knox, Paulding, Wyandot
Eastern Forktail: Adams, Athens, Gallia, Scioto
Eastern Amberwing: Knox, Paulding, Pike, Van Wert, Wyandot


We started the season with some target Counties based on recorded observations and species. We wanted every county to get enough new observations so their OOS total was 600 or more observations and 60 or more species.

We needed 118 new county records over 20 counties, so far we have 25 CR in 13 counties. Only 2 counties have been taken off (Harrison and Preble). A few counties are still possible (Fayette, Huron, Lawrence, Monroe). Note that historically the likelihood of new county records goes down considerably after July.

We needed 2,598 observations over 23 counties, so far we have 3,727 in 23 counties. Happy to report we are down to 1 county that still needs observations (Meigs). The others (Belmont, Brown, Carroll, Columbiana, Fulton, Guernsey, Hardin, Harrison, Henry, Holmes, Huron, Jefferson, Lawrence, Marion, Monroe, Mercer, Morrow, Noble, Perry, Putnam, Seneca, Van Wert) have enough new observations to meet the 600 goal. Nicely done.

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