Moth books

I got two new books for Christmas today.
"The Lives of Moths" by Andrei Sourakov and Rachel Warren Chadd.
"Moths, a complete guide to biology and behavior" by David C. Lees and Alberto Zilli.
If you're looking for a gift for a fellow naturalist I'd recommend these.
List of things I have learned so far from reading these (I will take a while to keep updating this)

  • The order Trichoptera (Caddisflies) is the closest related order of insects to the Lepidopterans.
  • Terminology like "Macroheterocera", which refers to Lepidopteran superfamilies that have branched off in
    evolution as of 90 MYA. (Noctuoidea, Geometroidea , Lasiocampoidea, Bombycoidea and Drepanoidea).

  • Moths have lateral ocelli.
  • The pupa of the Yellow-barred Longhorn have their antennae wrapped around their abdomen 4 times.
  • The difference in how light is seen through Apposition eyes vs Superposition eyes.
  • Moths in the Telethera genus have split compound eyes.
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