Calgary Pollinators: Bee a Community Scientist Research Study

Hello everyone,

As we are at the end of pollinator season, we hope that you may be willing to spend 10 minutes
of your time to complete a survey for a research study about the Calgary Pollinators Community
Science Project. We are interested in understanding how you became involved with the project
in one or more of the following ways:

● Joining the Calgary Pollinator Project page on iNaturalist
● Uploading an observation to the project on iNaturalist
● Someone else added your observation to the project
● Identifying insects or plants within the project on iNaturalist
● Viewing and/or interacting with Calgary Pollinators Project content on social media/online
● Attending a community pollinator walk

Your feedback will help us understand what interests people about community science and what
makes them excited to learn and participate. Benefits of participating in this research study and
completing this survey include:

● Contributing to community science research
● Contributing to pollinator research
● Improvements to the Calgary Pollinators Community Science Project
● Potential improvements to other local community science projects

Begin Survey

We thank you for your time and hope that you will continue to BEE a community scientist!
The University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this study
(REB23-1057). If you have any questions or concerns regarding this research study, survey, or
the Calgary Pollinators Community Science Project, please don’t hesitate to contact Justine
(, or Dr. Mindi Summers (

Kind regards,

Justine Doll (she/her)
University of Calgary

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Where can I find the results of the Calgary Pollinator Survey?I recently came across an article that beautifully described ethical behavior. And I learned that there are certain ethical rules for social surveys as well. If you are also interested, you can follow the link I am sure that you will also discover a lot for yourself in the future. In general, you have done an incredible job.

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Hello @mosss

Thanks for the inquiry. The results of the survey are not published yet, but they will be posted to the Calgary Pollinator iNaturalist page and emailed to those who participated in the survey and indicated they would like to know the results.

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