My February Review

It seems that spring has come a little bit early for us. I have found several insects and plants that are signs that spring is here. The Crowpoision flower is blooming and so are the bluebonne too. Crowpoision as I have come too understand is an indicator plant that tells us spring has arrived. It seems that the way climate is going it is getting warmer and warmer. We have had several warmer days this month; it has been a very good time for insects. I saw a Robberfly, A sulphur butterfly, a Goatweed Leafwing Butterfly, a Common Buckeye Butterfly and several other cool insects including crane flies which are very common around this time of year. There ways also honey bees and I even saw a Spotted Cucumber beetle. I have been keeping an eye on things at school and Elmer W. Oliver and have noticed several plants and other things. I have also seen a mixture of spring time birds and winter birds too. This month I got to see a few Eastern Bluebirds one of which was gathering nesting material. Yesterday on the 25th I saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch before I went in to volunteer. I saw several Redbuds at Elmer W. Oliver and Fort Worth Nature Center. I even seen some Tiny Bluets growing last week. It has been a very interesting time for plants and insects. I have noticed things early on from last month but this month it seems that my observations page has spiked. I am now at 427 observations on my page with a total of 293 species varified. (Some still have yet to be narrowed down so it is going to be a while before I get any confirmation on exact species that are designated as Genus names.) I have been very busy with my iNaturalust page and it has really shot up since January. It seems like we are smooth sailing with more up to date photos I have posted a few older posts but not as many as I did in January. I have been getting out more to observe stuff before my class and after school. I have also made it a habit of arriving a few more minutes early so I can walk around the nature center and take photos. I have even found some things around my house. I go just about anywhere to get my stuff. I have been to some of the most Unlikeliest of places to look for some of my observations and documentation. I have a few I have not posted yet but later today I will get right on that. I still have to post some of those aquatic plants I found in the body of water near the excersize track at school. I have been keeping a separate life list of all my verified animals on Windows excel and have found that I have quite a lot of animals I have seen throughout my life. I have added things I have seen before iNaturalist came into my life. I still have to get out and try to find the things I have missed getting on camera. I have been doing a lot of traveling in recent days trying to contribute all my services to document all life forms during this very odd season. We seem to be no longer in winter which makes all of our observations that more important to research. The month is not over yet there is still a few more days left of February so I will try to get out as much as I can for the next few days until the next month rolls around. The Easter weekend Nature Challenge is coming up fast and I am so ready to participate. I just love using this iNat program and I am ready to get this years bounty logged in. It's just like Pokémon I get gotta catch em all. Well I think I will be wrapping this entry up. I will go login other observations until I run out of new things to login. I will then see if there is anything else I missed getting from previous years. I am still not convinced I have everything logged in. Oh well better late than never I guess. I will be seeing you soon.

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