Map of type localities of the SE US

Hello, here is a map of type localities for all you hardcore gymnopilus collectors to reference as you plan your next family vacation.

For those interested in contributing to our understanding of gymnopilus species, any gymnopilus collected in these locations should be thoroughly documented and saved for future study. If they match the type description, they will become important reference material. The seasonality is important when targeting a particular species: a species that was collected in the fall-winter months will (generally) only fruit during those months, and same is true of those collected in the spring-summer months. Here is general advice for documenting fungi on iNaturalist:

Here is a link to the type-locality map:

Here is a list of the species :
Gymnopilus amarissimus
Gymnopilus armillatus
Gymnopilus dryophilus
Gymnopilus fulvicolor
Gymnopilus praefloccosus
Gymnopilus praelaeticolor
Gymnopilus subdryophilus
Gymnopilus underwoodii
Gymnopilus lepidotus
Gymnopilus subtropicus
Gymnopilus naucorioides
Gymnopilus luteoviridis
Gymnopilus melleus
Gymnopilus fuscosquamulosus
Gymnopilus rufosquamulosus

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