End of Day 4

Bonner County, ID:

Panhandle Counties (10 "official" projects):

Wild Ones Nothern Rockies Chapter:

All 106 CNC NRMBC projects:

Preliminary results will be shared ASAP. Final results, after the coming week to finish uploading observations made between 4/26-29, will be announced on 5/6. Check out the Facebook page for screenshots;

No surprises in the Top 3 in all 3 categories (Observers, Species and Observations) for the CNC NRMBC: 1) City Nature Challenge 2024: Division 6, AB (Calgary); 2) City Nature Challenge 2024: Ada County (Boise); and 3) City Nature Challenge 2024: Division 11, AB (Edmonton).

They, after all, have the biggest populations. However, when adjusted for population, the order reveals a different story. It's fascinating to see which projects have engaged the population most effectively, and then to try to discover what they have done that can be replicated elsewhere.

It's also fascinating to see who is making the most observations, and all the different species on the landscape now. As the temperature warms, more and different species will be observed.

All those observations will be captured in the upcoming Summer and Fall 2024 NRMBCs. Links to those projects available in mid-May.

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