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06 de mayo de 2020

Leafminer common names

Hi everyone,

A friendly reminder that the curator guide says "try to add names at the taxonomic level where they describe all members of that taxon and only members of that taxon. If a species has no common name in usage, please don't make one up."

Very few leafminers have established common names, and there are a lot of examples of newly made-up ones on iNaturalist. Often they take the form of "[host plant] leafminer." Since there is hardly any plant with just one species of leafminer on it, this practice leads to many absurdly wrong IDs (and frankly the same problem exists with most of the "official" common names that do exist for leafminers). I'm starting to delete these bogus names as I come across them, now that I've figured out how to do it. Please don't introduce any new ones.



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