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07 de febrero de 2023

Photo Observation of the Month of January - Striate Anglerfish

We have now completed our third month of the Marine Biodiversity of Southern Sydney Harbour project and I'd like to congratulate user nikihubbard (once again!) for his Photo Observation of the Month of a putative Striate Anglerfish (Antennarius striatus) from Parsley Bay. This observation still needs a confirmed ID and so please do hop on the platform and provide some feedback to get it to Research Grade. Anglerfish have extraordinary adaptations including a lure for attracting their prey, a large mouth, and hidden gill openings. Anglerfishes "fishing lure" is comprised of a stalk (the illicium) and a bait (the esca), which resembles potential prey. For identiftication purposes, do not be fooled by their colouration as this can be extremely variable. Indeed, some are heavily striped, while others have broken stripes or spots, or lack stripes entirely.
This journal post was written by project leader and iNaturalist member, Dr Joseph DiBattista.
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