July 4 Update

So far for 2022: 15,000+ research grade observations; 122 species; all 88 counties; nearly 600 contributors. Jun 2022 was our biggest month ever in terms of submissions, at this point 9,990 RG observations. This could go over 10K as people finish up their data entry. Lots of interesting observations with new sites for "special" species and 70+ new county records. We also went over the 500-mark for members of the Dragonfly Survey project on iNat. Busy, busy.

Eastern Forktail has the most observations for the moment, Blue Dasher is rising quickly. Blue Dasher also has the most counties with 86, only Carroll and Wyandot have not yet reported a Blue Dasher. Fragile Forktail is next with 84 counties.

Franklin Co has the most observations - over 1,200. 5 counties have fewer than 20 reported observations: Gallia, Allen, Paulding, Van Wert, and Carroll.

Following an earlier trend, we continue to see many Painted Skimmers, now with 7 new County Records. Great Blue Skimmer is also being reported in many areas - also with 7 new County Records.

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