That's Two-Thousand Observations!

@markuskrieger has just posted observation #2,000 for this SDBioblitz:
an Oak Leaf Pinwheel from Plattling, Germany.

Thank you, @markuskrieger! So let's check how the Fungi category is doing: so far we have 193 Fungi observations, for 71 species, sent in by 27 observers. And here are just a few of our new Fungi observations, all added within the last 20 minutes:

Sulphur Tuft, Peppery Milkcap, and Lilac Bonnet, all added by @laszlozoltan in Romania,

and Western Hardwood Sulphur Shelf sent in by @katman2 in California, USA.

All are in need of ID confirmation, perhaps you could take a look and help with these IDs?

Thanks to all and let's keep blitzing!

Publicado por gpasch gpasch, 18 de octubre de 2020



@gpasch looks like we double posted this one - which one should we keep?

Publicado por alexis_orion hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Both :-)

Publicado por gpasch hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

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