Diario del proyecto Socially Distant Bioblitz (10/18/2020)

10 de noviembre de 2020

Audio Observation Winners

Here's a sampler of audios submitted from around the world during our 10th Socially Distant Bioblitz and awarded Honorable Mentions:

Winners for best audios receive a certificate and can chose one of two prizes: a tshirt from "The Lost Tinamou" nature preserve in Escuintla, Guatemala or a donation to iNaturalist made in their honor by The Lost Tinamou (please check your inbox for details.) And the winners are:

Third Place: Northern Saw-whet Owl (#62967494), by @bmvig from Massachussetts (USA)

Second Place: Fynbos Neddicky (#62943741) by @shauns in Western Cape, South Africa.

And in First Place: White-browed Scrub Robin (#63016110), recorded in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, South Africa by @magdastlucia.

Congratulations and thank you all for contributing to the success of the SDB Series!

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Photo Observation Winners

Hello, fellow Socially Distant Bioblitz-ers,

Congratulations to the following participants for submitting these beautiful and detailed photo observations! Each winner can click on the link to their digital certificate award. We all had a difficult time picking our favorite observations as there were over 8,000 to choose from.

Once again, thank you to @gpasch and The Lost Tinamou nature preserve for creating the awards and hosting them online. Winners for audio observations will be posted shortly!

Category: Fungi including Lichens

First Place: Magpie Inkcap by @pfirth

Second Place: Honey Mushroom by @xulescu_g

Third Place: Common Earthball by @chickadee77

Honorable Mention: Anemone Stinkhorn Fungus by @colin25

Category: Herps

First Place: Senegal Kassina by @spidermandan

Second Place: Brown Basilisk by @eridanxharahi

Third Place: Green Iguana by @cmtercero

Honorable Mention: Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog by @frogman44, and Spotted Painted Reedfrog by @colin25

Category: Mammals

First Place: Southern Vervet Monkey by @bushboy

Second Place: Western Patas Monkey by @nickhobgood

Third Place: Common Tsessebe by @dougmacsafaris

Honorable Mention: Eastern Gray Squirrel by @eridanxharahi

Category: Plants

First Place: King Protea by @colin25

Second Place: Kreupelhout by @tonyrebelo

Third Place: Greater Knapweed by @inasiebert

Honorable Mention: Turkey Mullein by @andreacala,
Violet Falspea by @mattf1996,
Brown-rim Sewejaartjie by @tonyrebelo, and
American Highbush Cranberry by @cgbb2004

Category: Insects

First Place: Sulfurous Lady Beetle by @nickhobgood

Second Place: Narrow-winged Mantis by @whaichi

Third Place: Harlequin Bug by @andreacala

Honorable Mention: Spotted Lanternfly by @srall,
Hydatophylax formosus by @whaichi,

European Small-Woolcarder by @exonie, and
Ant-mimicking Treehopper by @fmiudo

Category: Molluscs

First Place: Tiger Cowry by @birdexplorers

Second Place: White-lipped Snail by @markuskrieger

Third Place: Turkish Snail by @katya

Honorable Mention: Garden Snail by @cecileroux,
Common Cockle by @stanimiradeleva, and
Leopard Slug by @markuskrieger

Category: Arachnids

First Place: Pisaura novicia by @panagiotisd

Second Place: Genus Eriophora by @frogman44

Third Place: Crab Spiders by @fmiudo

Category: Birds

First Place: Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush by @katiuska19

Second Place: Herring Gull by @andreacala

Third Place: Cape Weaver by @colin25

Honorable Mention: Great Spotted Woodpecker by @nastasya40,
Brown Snake-Eagle by @dougmacsafaris,
Fynbos Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird by @shauns, and
Southern Speckled Pigeon by @twhitehead

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21 de octubre de 2020


It's three days past the SDB and I would like all participants to give themselves a HUGE ROUND of APPLAUSE and HIGH FIVES for helping the project hit and surpass the 100,000 observations mark. I will let @slamonde update all at a later date with full stats for the SDB Series.

However for the stats focused folk out there, here are the latest stats for #10 (at time of posting):
Observations 8137 Species 2938 Identifiers 698 Observers 115

Plants 1565 species (53.8%) Insects 516 species (17.7%) Birds 312 species (10.7%)
Fungi 232 species (8%) Arachnids 76 species (2.6%) Molluscs 64 species (2.2%)
Others 59 species (2%) Mammals 44 species (1.5%) Reptiles 25 species (0.9%)

Top observers and most species go to the top 6 comprising
@alexis_orion @yayemaster @bonnieeamick @tonyrebelo @sedgequeen and @srall
Among this illustrious group they uploaded 4003 observations (49.2%) and 1553 species (52.8%)

Most observed were
Common mugwort (Artemisia villgaris) 44 times
Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) 41 times
Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) 37 times
Once again whoo hoo!!! :-D

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19 de octubre de 2020

Time to submit and identify observations

Everywhere on Earth, Sunday has become a day of the past. With the observation period of the tenth Socially Distant Bioblitz now over, it is time to submit your observations and identify them! Not sure what the organism you found is? Not a problem! Try tagging other iNaturalist users that have experience with that taxa - chances they will be able to assist.

Highlighting a few recent observations, check out these beautiful poison dart frogs found by @frogman44 in Costa Rica:

And this Darkling Beetle species from Zimbabwe, found by @spidermandan

And this Hydatophylax formosus caddisfly from South Korea, found by @whaichi

An event summary will be written and observation awards will be decided in about two weeks time, so please try to have your observations submitted by then. Thank you!

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5,000 observations!

Before dawn, early riser @yayemaster posted observation #5,000: this Fern from the Shu Swamp Nature Preserve in New York (USA).

Thank you @yayemaster and congrats, as you're currently in the lead with 542 observations and 343 species! @srall is currently in second place, with 479 observations and 201 species identified, followed by @tonyrebelo who has 401 observations and 118 species.

We're now at 98,222 total observations for the SDB series, and as many of us continue to upload our photos and audios, we're getting closer to our overall goal of 100,000 observations!

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FOUR-thousand observations!

Observation #4,000 is from the Subfamily Parmelioideae, submitted by @bonnieeamick, and we've reached 1,721 species.

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A Siege... of Herons!

Birders around the world have had a very busy weekend! Here's a sampling of herons observed and submitted during this 10th SDBioblitz:

First, two elegant Blue Herons on opposite coasts: one in California by @andreacala, and one in New Jersey, by @sadawolk.

Three Great Egrets have been reported so far: one flying over Florida by @eridanxharahi, this one in Zimbabwe by @dougmacsafaris, and a third in Germany, spotted by @amzamz.

Next, we have three Snowy Egrets: one in Dominican Republic by @dnisortiz, a digiscoped Snowy in Costa Rica by @robertoquirs, and one in California showing off her golden slipper, by @andreacala.

@birdexplorers has photographed two species in Fiji: a Pacific Reef-Heron and this elegant White-faced Heron. Both, they say, are "common on the reef", still, a treat for us to see!

@twhitehead reported the one Cattle Egret and the only Grey Heron uploaded so far, and this Little Egret carrying (or perhaps stealing?) nesting material!

That makes a total of eight species. But wait, there's one more: a Cocoi Heron, the largest South American heron, photographed by @jpiolain in French Guyana.

If you're curious about this family of birds, you can check this link at anytime to see the updated list of Ardeidae observations for the current bioblitz.

PS: One more heron species just uploaded, this AM of Oct. 19th:
Tri-colored Heron, by @andrewmorgill in Port Aransas, Texas (USA).

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Just a few hours left!

For participants in the eastern hemisphere, the bioblitz day has come and gone. Two hours remain in the eastern United States, eastern Canada, and parts of South America. For any participants in Hawaii, you have just under 8 hours left!

Sightings continue to come in from across the globe, some getting uploaded in live time, like this sharpshooter found by @sstatner, and others getting posted from earlier in the day, like this bat and this gall fly by @cmtercero and @allisonbf , respectively.

Nearly 4,000 observations and 1,700 species so far - keep up the great work :)

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18 de octubre de 2020

3,000 and counting!

Thanks to @francesgiberson for posting this Spruce from New Brunswick, Canada. Thus we've reached the 3,000th observation mark!

The Spruces posted so far also include this (Norway) Spruce, by @helenbergstrom (Sweden), this Red Spruce by @halifornians (Canada), and this Spruce by @allisonbf (USA)

Thanks go out to all 79 observers who by now have identified 1,430 species-- with the valuable assistance of 248 identifiers.

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over 2000 observations!

Wow, more than 2000 observations have been posted so far! #2000 was this Oak-leaf Pinwheel found by @markuskrieger in Germany: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/62932529

@sadawolk currently has the most observations with 150, and @jensu is in the lead for species with 83!

Mushroom season in well underway in many northern areas, so here are some of the coolest fungi that have been posted so far:
Yellow-tipped Coral Fungus by @laszlozoltan - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/62930936
Pinwheel or Parachute mushroom by @xulescu_g - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/62926283
Anemone Stinkhorn Fungus by @colin25 - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/62887557

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