It's three days past the SDB and I would like all participants to give themselves a HUGE ROUND of APPLAUSE and HIGH FIVES for helping the project hit and surpass the 100,000 observations mark. I will let @slamonde update all at a later date with full stats for the SDB Series.

However for the stats focused folk out there, here are the latest stats for #10 (at time of posting):
Observations 8137 Species 2938 Identifiers 698 Observers 115

Plants 1565 species (53.8%) Insects 516 species (17.7%) Birds 312 species (10.7%)
Fungi 232 species (8%) Arachnids 76 species (2.6%) Molluscs 64 species (2.2%)
Others 59 species (2%) Mammals 44 species (1.5%) Reptiles 25 species (0.9%)

Top observers and most species go to the top 6 comprising
@alexis_orion @yayemaster @bonnieeamick @tonyrebelo @sedgequeen and @srall
Among this illustrious group they uploaded 4003 observations (49.2%) and 1553 species (52.8%)

Most observed were
Common mugwort (Artemisia villgaris) 44 times
Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) 41 times
Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) 37 times
Once again whoo hoo!!! :-D

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Great Job! Had so much fun!

Publicado por yayemaster hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Congratulations! Greetings from Peru!

Publicado por awsalas hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

This is a fun point in the dull gray timelessness of pandemic isolation. Thanks for running it!

Publicado por sedgequeen hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Thanks for running such an event. I was ill, but still tried to participate from home! It was real fun. Again thanks for arranging it! I will look forward to such events more and more.

Publicado por sabarni hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

Thanks again for coordinating and woo hoo for over 100,000!! Was that our goal? Did I read that somewhere or did I make that up? Also, was this the last one?

I've had SO much fun with these and I have really learned so many new species because of these. Thank you for that!

Publicado por bonnieeamick hace alrededor de 1 mes (Marca)

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