"Survey Route" Choice Added to "Butterfly Survey Method" Observation Field

Because several observers who do weekly surveys along a regular route have begun reporting their sightings, I realized that I needed to add another category to the "Butterfly Survey Method" observation field. "Survey of Territories" was intended for observers who check a route for butterflies occupying territories during late afternoon. I realized that observers who did regular surveys earlier in the day and who weren't doing a specific type of survey such as a Pollard needed a different category. "Meandering" doesn't quite describe these either, because it implies something like a random wandering about rather than a regular route. So I've now added "Survey Route" as another choice when you want to describe your survey method.

Publicado el mayo 3, 2019 03:57 TARDE por iowabiologist iowabiologist


Great idea to add to your research. I look for the butterflies but do not stay in the same spot in the field during the day so the new survey will not be added by my observations.

Publicado por lonnyholmes hace alrededor de 5 años

@lonnyholmes: If you go out on walks in particular locations, but don't necessarily follow the same path each time, "meandering" might be a better description of the type of surveys you do.

Publicado por iowabiologist hace alrededor de 5 años

True, and thats exactly the term (meandering) I use when describing my desert wanderings to others.

Publicado por lonnyholmes hace alrededor de 5 años

Great! That is exactly what my study does for all butterflies. Have a definite route the forest and gardens want me to walk. I record all butterfly species, numbers and trail or garden they are on. Thank you.

Publicado por langabee hace alrededor de 5 años

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