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Myosotis pygmaea Col. is an illegitimate name now recognised as M. antarctica subsp. traillii in the most recent taxonomic revision of this group of NZ Myosotis. The paper is open access (Prebble et al. 2022) and available here:

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Hello, when I try to commit this taxon change, I get the following error:
Output taxon rank level not coarser than rank level of active children of input taxon Myosotis pygmaea
Can someone please explain how I can complete this taxon swap?
Thank you.

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That will be because there's also still Myosotis pygmaea var. pygmaea in iNaturalist, and you'll first need to decide what should happen to that. Is it all supposed to collapse into Myosotis antarctica traillii? You can tell that I've not read the paper yet. :-)

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Thanks Jon.
I just tried that, setting up a new taxon swap of all M. pygmaea to M. pygmaea var. pygmaea, and implementing that first:
However I’m getting the same error again with this new swap.
Now there are two draft taxon swaps representing both steps but I can’t do either! What is your suggestion now?

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