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Reptile Database: 21 December 2019 (Referencia)
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Psammophis trinasalis is now Psammophis leightoni

Leighton's Sand Snake (Psammophis leightoni). Three species of sand snake - the Cape Sand Snake (Psammophis leightoni), the Namib Sand Snake (Psammophis namibensis) and the Fork-marked Sand Snake (Psammophis trinasalis) were recently synonymized and are now treated as a single species.

Paper reference here:

Publicado por tyroneping hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

ERROR IN TAXON SWAP: Psammophis trinasalis is a synonym of Psammophis leightoni, not of Psammophis afroccidentalis.

Publicado por m_burger hace alrededor de 1 año (Marca)

I agree this is a incorrect taxon swap.

Publicado por wernerconradie hace 12 meses (Marca)

@loarie, any progress on the correction? Thanks

Publicado por alexanderr hace 12 meses (Marca)

Apologies and thanks for catching that. I reverted Psammophis trinasalis -> Psammophis afroccidentalis, changed it to Psammophis trinasalis -> Psammophis leightoni (see above) and committed. Thanks all!

Publicado por loarie hace 12 meses (Marca)


Publicado por alexanderr hace 12 meses (Marca)

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