Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

I re-discovered iNat in June many others, I was at-home in a COVID-19 lockdown. I began adding hundreds and eventually thousands of my nature-related observations. Soon, a whole Community of users began identifying my images -- and while I attempt to say 'thank you' as often as possible, I wanted to make an effort to show my gratitude to these individuals...Thank you!

For helping my identify fungi...


@cjpasiche ...for patiently explaining cladonias to me!

And my mosses...thank you @mossman2000 for giving many of them names!

And without @donlubin I would not have learned the names of so many beautiful ferns. Thank you to @choess have helped me immensely.

@sedgequeen you are amazing...I SO appreciate your kindness in helping me learn more about grasses, sedges and rushes.

When I post a butterfly or moth (esp. a caterpillar!) I can always count on @k8thegr8!

And @dan_johnson is ever-so-patient when I have cicada questions.

Without @joshualincoln I would never positively ID any of my dragonflies or damselflies - Thank you!

Similarly...@ameeds is my go-to guy for stink bugs and @megachile is a gall go-to guy for certain...

Thank you EVERYONE. Your expertise, enthusiasm and patience exemplify the Community spirit on iNat!

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Happy to help out! Just keep the stink bugs coming! :)

Publicado por ameeds hace 3 meses (Marca)

Yes, it's great to have this community and keep learning about the plants and other organisms!

Publicado por sedgequeen hace 3 meses (Marca)


Publicado por k8thegr8 hace 3 meses (Marca)

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