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After getting my new Canon EOS Rebel T6 I have been trying to get used to all the functions and stuff. I have almost had it for a full week and I like how it handles. I have been mainly getting test subjects to practice on while looking for observations along the way. I am still not used to using the Zoom Lens but I am learning to use it. I have to often switch it out when I have a bug find after a bird. My bigger lens can pick up bugs pretty good but I can't get too close or it will not click. The little lens is ideal to getting the bug shots that are up close since that is my macro lens technically. I am working on trying to get optimal shots with it and I have to say it takes some really good in flight shots. My Nikon Coolpix L830 was good with the bugs and the perched birds but it was not good to take in-flight pictures. This camera also allows me to take some photos without putting my hand behind the subject if I don't have a solid background which was one of the main issues with my Nikon. The Canon is really good and if I so wish maybe down the road I will think about getting another zoom lens or zoom lenses to attach to the camera to get a whole range of shots. This is just for starters. My attitude is to gradually work my way up the ladder. Don't rush into things until you get really good at what you have. I love my new camera and can't wait to take it on my next trip to the Texas Coast this December. I have already called shotgun when we get down there so I can be close to a window when we start birding down there. I will also be looking for other things too. I am bringing my Nikon along just in case I need backup. I shouldn't need it though I am going to try to make this trip all about using my Canon Rebel T6. Most of the shots I have are not the best. I have made some good ones but still need to work on it. The eye piece helps a whole lot. It allows me to get the aim and focus exactly where I need it unlike the Nikon where it was hard to focus sometimes because it only had a screen. This new camera gives me both options to use the eye hole or the screen to get the shot. I find that with the Macro Lens it is easy for me to use the screen like I do with my Nikon and with the larger lens to use the eye hole just to kind of even out both parts for usage. It is a new ballgame and there is stuff I am still learning but I am getting there. This is a total jump from what I am used too but to be full honest it is not that difficult. It is just a step up from the Nikon. Some of the settings are still the same. The only different thing is the artistry and creative functions. That I still have a lot of trouble and I have not played with it much. Probably should it never hurts to experiment with your settings to see which ones are the best to use. I normally use spots mode and close up. Sports to get action shots. I can just hold the button down for continuous fire. Which helped on the Double-Crested Cormorant take off and the American Wigeon flight shots. It is going to take a while to get used to this one but I will get in the swing of things all in due time. I love the camera. I have always dreamed of having a camera like that. When I was younger I thought it was so cool how Zoologist and naturalist had big cameras like that. You don't have to have all that stuff but sometimes if you are able to you might just want to challenge what you can do and better your photography. It might run into a lot of money but hey if its your passion you gotta do what you feel.

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Cormorán Orejón (Nannopterum auritum)


Noviembre 25, 2018 a las 03:07 TARDE CST


With my new camera I discovered I can take in air flight without having the struggle of getting blur.

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Pato Chalcuán (Mareca americana)


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Congrats on the new camera Zach. You posted some great photos with your Nikon. I'm expecting the same with your new camera...happy hunting.

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Thanks @eangler

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