First Treks to the Village Creek Drying Beds

Well last weekend I decided to venture out to the Village Creek Drying Beds. It was on my to do list for so long but never went out to explore it. Last weekend was the first time I went out there. After my volunteer day at River Legacy my aunt brought me lunch and then we hopped over to the Drying Beds and walked all the way around it. Such a cool place to go to; don't know why I avoided it all of this time. When I went out there I wasn't that close to the birds so I took some random group shots just to see what all I could get. mainly there were Shovelers, Mallards, Coots, Wigeons that I could see. It was not until I got back home on Saturday that I had so much more than what I could see. I got Northern Pintails and a Green-winged Teal and some other things. There was a lot of cool stuff out there. @charley lead a hike out there on Sunday and I thought I would go and see what I could find with him. We walked in-between some of the ponds and found some more cool things like a few Ruddy Ducks which are one of the cutest little ducks in my book. There was also a Kestrel, Meadowlark, and a few others I didn't see the first time I went out there. I need to go out there much more often. Who knows what I have been missing out on in the spring time. Dragonflies must be really something out there. I need to go there and just strictly look for insects during the warmer months. I think I am going to try and do that during the City Nature Challenge this year. I try to change up my City Nature Challenge sites to visit each year even though I always seem to go to many of the big places just to get more numbers of things. Drying Beds is a new location to my plan of action for the 2019 City Nature Challenge. It is quite the place; didn't know what to expect but it was a pretty cool place. I am very interested to see what else might turn up there. Might even go when there is a rarity in the area. Missed out on the Surf Scoter but I am sure I will be able to find one sooner or later. It is kind of a neat little place. I am looking forward to going back sometime. I still have that winter trip to start getting ready for down at the coast. I am so pumped I have so many places lined up. I may not make it to all but that is for a later entry. So until then this is your pal Zachary Chapman signing off. I will see you on the trail.

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I'm glad you made it out! It's definitely one of the best places for nature in Tarrant County. It's especially great this winter, because there is water in the beds, so there are a lot of ducks. Nearly every sort of duck that you would see in Tarrant County is there, plus the occasional rarity. The Long-eared Owl was there a few weeks back, too. I almost always see a Bobcat when I'm there. You can also find Beaver, Nutria, and all sorts of insects, in addition to all sorts of birds, flora and fauna. Don't overlook the stinky piles on the left of the entry road after you go through the walking gate and continue up the hill. All sorts of creatures love those piles. Also check out J.W. Dunlop Sports Center just outside of the VCDB, because it's one of the few spots that you can somewhat reliably find Rusty Blackbirds. Here's an eBird shortcut, where you can see what is/has been reported at VCDB:

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