Scott Morris

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Yet another human who is captivated by nature in all its forms.

Doing my best to contribute to ID’s on iNat and not simply upload my own observations. None of us want this database to become a repository of unreviewed photos. If I’ve missed anything important in an observation or if you disagree with an ID, please speak up and provide any brief info or resources you can in your disagreement. I’m an advanced amateur and generalist for my region of the Southern Appalachians. I will always have a lot to learn, will make mistakes, and I’m happy to be corrected. If I fail to add any info in my own disagreeing ID’s, please just tag me and ask what’s up. I’ll do my best to elaborate, including any descriptions or links when I can. Also, if you’re a trained scientist, specialist, or other advanced amateur, thank you in advance for your help and patience with my questions and tags! Think of it as a modest investment in an ID minion who is working to improve the iNat data. Let’s make iNat (and the sister app, Seek) as accurate and helpful of a resource to scientists, other naturalists, and larger communities as we can!

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