Zachary Robertson

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17 y/o Citizen Scientist using iNaturalist to record the different species I come across when exploring. I am particularly fond of taking photos of marine creatures, especially the small, easily overlooked ones. Huge thanks to all the people who put the time in to identify and comment on my obervations!

My current goal is to observe 1000 different species on marine life in NZ, across as many families as I can. Some species I would like to find in particular are pink brotula, trinchesia reflexa, atagema molesta, halimena aotearoa, and pink clingfish

On iNat, I will try and identify NZ marine life, but I am yet to become an expert in any category so please make sure not to blindly agree with some of my ID's as they could potentially be misleading. Please feel free to correct/question any of my IDs, and I quite enjoy engaging in conversations about marine life.

I typically upload pictures of marine life but sometimes I will also post some observations of stuff I come across when exploring. I have done a bit of hiking of NZ great walks and i'll upload the stuff I find when walking. Over the 2022 winter (ish) I took an interest in my local bush and uploaded roughly 500 observations of the creatures living within. but otherwise I stick to marine observations, trying to use my account as a way to recorded all the marine life that I come across.

I'm not particularly good at identifying any group of species, for those interested, I would greatly appreciate suggestions for ID on my marine observations

If you would like to use any of my pictures for any purpose, please get in contact with my via iNaturlist message and I'll be sure to get back asap.

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