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Grew up mostly in Monrovia, then Glendora, before moving to Irvine in 2022. My Glendora home was a major inspiration for my birding career, and on one of the last days as an actual resident there, I discovered the joy of iNaturalist - not just for birds, but for anything I could find. Fast forward a few months(close to a year!!), and now I am hooked. I am still mainly a birder, but love looking at any living thing, especially reptiles, amphibians, Lepidoptera, Odonates, fish, marine molluscs, fungi, brown macroalgae, and various plants. Current main interests (subject to change very, very frequently) are Southern Californian fish (especially ones I can see while snorkeling!), native plants of the San Gabriel Mountains, birds, native bees, certain wasps, and moths. I am also interested in how human development and introduction of non-native species affects existing habitats in the LA basin and mountains (ex: Opuntia species at Bonelli Park).

Favorite spots:
Newport Pier (for birding)
Newport Back Bay (mainly for birding)
Bonelli Regional Park (awesome place for both birding and general iNatting)
San Gabriels foothills around Glendora (Colby Trail, Big Dalton Canyon, my old yard, etc.; for both birding and general iNatting)
La Jolla Cove (for snorkeling)

iNatting partners in crime:

Student at Irvine Valley College and Dining Table High School
Member of Los Angeles Birders - Students, Southern California Young Birders Club, IVC Campus Audubon society, and junior naturalist with Sea&Sage Audubon society
Ex-volunteer(status subject to change) at the Aquarium of the Pacific
Fire ecology intern with Crystal Cove Conservancy

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